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Author, Speaker, and Personal Lifestyle Coach

Many people know that stress can be unhealthy but do not have the coping strategies to move beyond survival mode. My proven approach to a healthier, more fulfilling life requires minimal effort, and gives you the time and energy to enjoy what and who you love.

Having lost a dear friend, my career/identity, and nearly my marriage in a nine-month period of time, I learned some life-changing lessons about relationships, acceptance and finding calm that I want to share with as many others as possible so that they too can enjoy life with a serenity mindset.

I candidly share my experience and simple-and-effective techniques for finding serenity, and transforming seemingly adverse conditions into opportunities for personal growth and regret mitigation in my book, The Serenity Mindset: A Personal Guide for Prioritizing People and Things That Matter. My 30+ years of corporate research and consulting experience, also serve me well with credibility for my relationship assessment approach, as a sought-after speaker, a personal lifestyle coach, and as a facilitator of enlightening workshops.

On a personal note, I grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts, and now live in Marietta, Georgia. I enjoy time with my husband and two grown sons and their families, as well as traveling, entertaining, playing in the dirt, immersing myself in arts and entertainment, quiet time, hiking, and enjoying precious time with and friends.

Wishing you serenity,

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