Reduce Stress - Accept Change In Life Is Constant

This Week's Simple Tip There are some things we count on in life, one of which is the sun rising and setting every day. Some days those events are more visible and beautiful, but they consistently happen at about the same time every day of every year. And in between those two points each day, lots of things happen in each of our lives. Some of them are expected while others are not; some are good and others not as good. Some of the happenings trigger change and the need to let go of the life we were used to or envisioned, which enables us to embrace the new life waiting for us. Change in life is continuous so we benefit by accepting the 'in between.' We don't always know where it w

Do Your Loved Ones Know How Much They Mean To You?

This Week's Simple Tip I recently attended a celebration of life service for a vibrant person in his forties who passed away unexpectedly. Friends and relatives from his life shared stories and fond memories of their times with him, but also expressed sadness in not having told him how much he meant to them. Sadly, we rarely take the time to consciously reflect on the relationships in our lives until it is too late. Do you know who the most important people are in your life? Do they know how important they are to you? Don't assume that they know how you feel. Make it a point to thank them for being a big part of your life, and to let them know how much they really mean to you. We have no

Daily 'Vitamin G' Matches Doubling Salary for Overall Happiness

This Week's Simple Tip A friend of mine recently shared how she was feeling down about a situation in her life. She could logically accept it, but emotionally she still could not help but feel disappointed. I could completely understand how she felt ... sometimes we just feel the need to throw ourselves a pity party! As humans, we tend to focus on what is lacking in our lives, rather than what is good. A daily dose of 'Vitamin G,' or Gratitude, really helps to keep life in perspective. By taking a couple of minutes each day to consciously be grateful for things in life, you experience a wonderful sense of joy just by realizing how good things really are. There is always something to be

Gain Time by Asking 'Can I Change It?'

This Week's Simple Tip Do you ever find your mind all over the place and lacking direction? Sometimes it happens when you seem to have too much on your plate, but it can also happen when you are down in the dumps and have no idea which way to turn. Ask yourself one simple question about each thing you are feeling stuck about: "Can I change it?" If your answer is YES, start working on steps to make the change. If your answer is NO, don't put any more time or energy into the thought. You'll be surprised how much time we waste worrying about things from the PAST that we cannot change, or things from the FUTURE that may or may not happen. This Week's Focus This week, make it a point to lis

Spread Happiness By Sharing A Smile

This Week's Simple Tip Ever notice how contagious smiling can be? When you see someone smiling, your natural response is to smile back. Even without saying a word, you somehow understand what someone is trying to convey to you just by smiling. Smiling is a universal language … a smile is a curve that sets everything else straight :) The beautiful thing about smiles is that they are a two-way gift … people on both ends of a smile exchange feel good. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that makes your brain feel good, and you pass that along to someone else for a feel-good chain effect. Mother Teresa once said that “every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gif

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