Most People Hear, But Do You Really Listen?

This Week's Simple Tip I recently took part in a girls' getaway weekend with a group of women who I am on a personal growth journey with. In addition to all the fun, we enjoyed some really good conversations. At one point I was telling them about a situation in my life that was causing me concern. A couple of the women went immediately in to problem solving mode which was exactly what I did not need at the time, so I expressed my desire to just be able to vent. The situation turned out to be a great learning point for all of us. We all need to learn to listen and then ask if a person wants suggestions, rather than to jump right in to trying to fix things. This lesson applies to communi

Life Doesn't Press Pause, But YOU Can!

This Week's Simple Tip Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday over the years. Not only is it a day of gratitude, but it is also a day when people seem to press PAUSE and just relax -- guilt-free! This week when you celebrate Thanksgiving, think about how good a PAUSE makes you feel. A quick break in your normal routine is like a shot of energy for the mind and body. Today's society promotes constant hustle and bustle. Research shows that short, frequent breaks during the day result in greater stamina, increased productivity and creativity, and less stress and exhaustion. This Week's Focus This week, work on pressing PAUSE several times a day. Whether it is a quick walk around the of

Our Mouths Do Not Have A Backspace Key So

This Week's Simple Tip Have you ever been publicly accused of doing something that you did not do? This recently happened to me. Not around when the accusation unveiled, it put me in a very uncomfortable predicament. I had no way to defend myself or counter the suspicion, nor was I in a position to clear my name or erase the resulting distrust and scrutiny. What a painful and overwhelming feeling of helplessness! It is scary to think how many people are hurt by others who jump to conclusions and take action without confirming facts to support the truth. This Week's Focus This week, make it a point to keep from hurting others by first questioning the stories you hear. Before reacting to o

The Simple Secret to Reducing Stress and Improving Sleep

This Week's Simple Tip When facing challenges, people commonly know to 'take a deep breath' because it helps to settle their mind and their emotions. It has the same effect as the physical deep sigh of relief breath we experience when we can finally relax because something that has caused us to worry is no longer a problem or danger. We take breathing for granted, but breathing is a quick and simple way to calm our minds and emotions which yields significant health benefits including reduced stress, sleep improvement and increased energy. This Week's Focus This week, give yourself a gift by taking some single deep breaths throughout the day - maybe when you wake up, at lunch, before dinn

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