The Trick To Finding Peace Within During the Holidays

This Week's Focus May you find serenity during this holiday season. Start with being the peace yourself by making time to still your mind, showing people you care, and accepting the things you cannot change. I look forward to continuing our serenity journey in 2019!!

Capture That Priceless Feeling That Money Can't Buy

This Week's Simple Tip One of the things that makes me smile at this time of year is the sound of the Salvation Army holiday bell-ringers collecting at many store fronts. Volunteers oversee the red kettles each year to raise funds to do good in the community and help change lives for the better. Conventional thinkers have suggested all along that happiness is found in helping others, whether it be with a job on the front-line, or regularly donating time or money. But multiple research efforts show that helping others regularly produces significant health benefits as well. Helping has effects similar to those many people experience when they exercise. You may have heard of a 'runner's hi

Make Even Your Most Dreaded Tasks More Enjoyable

This Week's Simple Tip I love music, and almost always have it playing in the background. The type of music varies based on what I am doing while listening. If I am cooking, I have a LOUD concert of classic rock'n'roll, but when I am writing, I play calming music which helps with the flow, and actually makes for a very enjoyable work environment. We recently had our kitchen updated. At one point, there were five contractors working, with diverse cultural backgrounds. I was playing my soft, writing music. Individually throughout the day, they all wanted to know what music it was because they really enjoyed the peacefulness and calm it brought to their work. There are many research studies

Say NO Easily Without Worry

This Week's Simple Tip Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to say 'yes' versus 'no'? This seems to play out in many aspects of life. In parenting, on numerous occasions I won "the meanest mother in the world" award because I was saying 'no' to my kids when 'everyone else' was being told 'yes' to something. Even if it was not the best response in the long run, my kids would have been happy, and I would have saved myself lots of time by simply saying 'yes.' In the workplace, there are many times we feel conflicted between personal and professional demands. We may find ourselves withholding our thoughts on issues, because non-conforming, also known as not being a team player, potent

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