Are You Worrying Yourself Sick?

This Week's Simple Tip Ever notice how much time we spend worrying about this or that? People worry about many different things: work, money, health, relationships. Some concerns are real, but most are unnecessary. Worry is often about the past or the future. Worries about the past start with "If only ____" while worries about the future begin with "What if ___." We make up consequences to both that lead us feeling "the sky is falling" just like Chicken Little. Our worrying is terrible for our bodies as it increases cortisol levels which compromises our immune systems and makes us more susceptible to disease. This Week's Focus This week, create a worry window —twenty minutes in the morni

Do They Know What An Impact They Had On Your Life?

This Week's Simple Tip Have you ever found yourself looking back at something in your life and thinking what a significant difference that made on your life? Many years ago I worked in an organization with a guy named Tony. We did not work closely together on projects or anything, but we got to know each other as he was always enjoyable to just converse with. When our company announced a tax deferred savings plan, Tony took it on as a personal mission to educate each young employee on how critical it was for them to sign up and defer the maximum amount of savings for their futures. Savings and retirement were the farthest things from my mind at that point but Tony was so convincing and per

The Outcome Hurts Your Feelings BUT ...

This Week's Simple Tip We've all had those disappointing times in life when things did not turn out as we had hoped they would. Perhaps we did not get the job we wanted, or get accepted into something we applied for. Or maybe plans that we were really excited about fell through. Have you ever noticed though, that often those undesired outcomes turn out to be "a blessing in disguise?" I have fond memories of teaching some classes internationally which would never have happened if I had not been rejected for a position I thought I wanted :) Life truly is a game of chance. We think that we have the power to control everything but in reality, we do not know the consequences to follow of any

Is Your 'Busyness' Making You Unapproachable?

This Week's Simple Tip Have you noticed how many people describe themselves as "busy" when you simply ask "hi, how are you"? It seems to have become an autopilot response that actually acts as an excuse for the speaker to not take responsibility for their own choices. If we give everything the same priority, it all just becomes BUSY CLUTTER. “Busy” is how the urgent distracts us from the important. A popular time management method called the Eisenhower Priority Matrix, evaluates every task on two axes: important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent. When used both personally and professionally it demonstrates the principle of priority: What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is

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