Feeling That Way Because You Took It Personally?

This Week's Simple Tip We've likely all experienced those times when we expected people to do something only to be surprised, disappointed or maybe even hurt when they did not. This happened recently with my 'tribe' who reunites every other year over MLK weekend. This time, three of the 10 did not come. Those of us who made the effort to be together were a bit perplexed. Shortly afterwards I started to read The Four Agreements, a practical guide to personal freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz. It really helped to clarify the human emotions we had. The book explains that each of our lives is uniquely imprinted based on our experiences, as beautifully demonstrated in the short clip below. What w

Are You Or Is Your Mind In Control?

This Week's Simple Tip Let's face it. It is easy to get caught up in all the activities and stresses of everyday life.Our minds take on a life of their own, getting caught up in and losing sight of what is going on around us."STOP" is a quick and simple practice to do a quick check-in: S: Stop (whatever you are doing momentarily) T: Take a breath (deep one like a sigh of relief) O: Observe (notice what you are doing and how you feel) P: Proceed (Continue on same course or change course) Watch the clever 1:22 minute clip below to see the before and after of taking time to check-in. This Week's Focus This week, practice "STOP" several times a day. Try to remember it during times when you are f

Be More Effective By Being Less Busy

This Week's Simple Tip Ever wonder why some people become world-class leaders, performers, and change-makers, while most settle for less? Ironic as it sounds, top performers make time to invest in personal growth activities that pay off over the long-term. So while they may achieve less in a day in the beginning, over the course of their lives, they have greater knowledge, creativity, energy and success. These growth activities have many forms: Oprah Winfrey starts each day with her gratitude journal, noting five things for which she’s thankful Leonardo Da Vinci took up to a dozen 10-minute recharge naps a day Warren Buffett estimates he has spent 80 percent of his entire career reading an

Have You Said Hello Today?

This Week's Simple Tip Somewhere along the way, we have gotten to the point where we've stopped greeting others passing by. Have we gotten so afraid that we cannot smile or say hello? The hysterical 1:38 minute clip below demonstrates how this can happen :) While 'hello' may be a simple greeting, its impact is powerful: Research findings show that social connection with others leads to healthier, happier and longer lives. People need people. We always have and always will. Even our prehistoric ancestors relied on social groups for both companionship and survival; staying close to the tribe ensured shelter, food and protection, while separating meant an increased risk of danger. So what

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