Do They Know What You Think?

This Week's Simple Tip Remember postcards?? I still LOVE getting them in the mail! I recently received this one from a friend which not only made me smile, but reminded me how special postcards were and why. Remembering back, people did not travel nearly as much as they do today, so postcards were a way to share what different places were like. But they also served as an intentional way to let the people you care most about know that you were thinking of them while on your adventure. The internet has replaced postcards as far as being able to see what other places are like. What has replaced the postcard's "thinking of you" message? Camera phones and text messaging have made it easy for u

How Do You Come Across To Others?

This Week's Simple Tip I have a couple of house window screens that have been screaming "please replace me" for some time now. Knowing that they were not standard stocked sizes, I had put off going the 22 miles round trip to drop them off, and then pick up the replacements a week later. I decided that today was the day. When I got there, the guy at the counter asked me how I was doing and I replied "great, even if it is a Monday." He went on to say that "you sure don't sound like most people who come in here," so I replied "that's too bad given how truly blessed we all are." It reminded me of this very clever poem that went viral ... please gift yourself by reading it all the way to the

Have A Differentiator You Can Be Proud Of

This Week's Simple Tip While I am saddened it is necessary, I am thrilled to see so many reminders out there lately to remind people to "Be Nice." The first reminder I heard while attending a memorial service for a friend. The speaker shared stories about how we could all learn from Joe, "who lived his life being nice to others, and truly was a professor of caring and kindness." The next reminder was driving through the metropolitan Atlanta area where I live. Just outside the city alongside one of our major interstates, many commuters and travelers are reminded with a message on a stack that simply says "Just Be Nice." My third reminder came when I watched the new television show "Songl

When You Don't Know What To Do

This Week's Simple Tip Ever find yourself in a quandary where your head is telling you one thing, and your heart is telling you something completely different? Think of the many techniques we have for making decisions. To name a few: 1) List of Pros and Cons, hoping one will clearly outweigh the other 2) Coin Toss, with "heads" option A,"tails" option B designation 3) Asking Everybody to provide advice and counsel about the options I want to share a technique that I use which is really a two-for. Not only does it help you to make your decision, but you also enjoy some genuine calm about what is best for you. Next time you have a dilemma, go find a quiet spot where you can be still wi

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