Are You Fueling Or Stopping The Cycle Of Pain?

This Week's Simple Tip Have you ever had one of those restless nights when you can't sleep because something is on your mind? I had one the other night. After lying in bed wide awake for hours, I finally got up. I was bothered by someone's action that had involved me. Instead of reading or getting on my computer to hopefully tire myself, I decided to try a forgiveness and empathy exercise. I got comfortable in a chair, took some deep breaths, and recited the following loving kindness blessing for myself: May I be filled with loving kindness. May I be safe from inner and outer dangers. May I be well in mind and body. May I be at ease and happy. I repeated the blessing four more times,

Are You Afraid Of The Branch Breaking?

This Week's Simple Tip Most mornings I start my day with a quote from a beautifully photographed book called Daily Mindfulness: 365 Days of Present, Calm, Exquisite Living. This particular message really resonated with me: "A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Always believe in yourself." As humans, we struggle to trust ourselves like the bird. Why are we so different? Unlike the bird, we have three ways of looking at decisions: with our heads, our hearts, or our guts: Our heads think in a logical fashion, weighing the pros and cons, and evaluating them based on certain criteria. Our hearts look at thi

Do You Do Things Out of Desire Or Just Because?

This Week's Simple Tip Ten seconds into a call with a friend today, I asked 'what is wrong?' She said she felt overwhelmed with everything going on in her life to the point that she was hardly even looking forward to her next few days at the beach which she normally cherished. I shared with her that a couple years ago, my husband and I learned the hard way to start being more selective about our scheduling decisions. We learned to employ "the 90% rule" as outlined in Greg McKeown's book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It works by evaluating each opportunity with your level of interest. If your interest falls anywhere below 90 percent, reject it. Simply put by the author,

Interested In Pure Contentment?

This Week's Simple Tip Yes, there are some houseplants that are quite finicky, but for the most part, most are happy with the right mix of food, water and shelter from extreme elements. Humans however, are a bit more complicated. Years of research in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology, show that in order to thrive, humans have 6 basic needs that need to be met pretty much daily: Food - calories and nutrients including protein, fat, and carbohydrates needed everyday to grow, function, and repair Water - ample hydration for the body to operate and process food or remove wastes Shelter - protection from blazing sun, freezing temperatures, wind, and rain to safeguard our human skin and o

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