Are You Always Busy, But Not Getting Anything Done?

This Week's Simple Tip Each year for my birthday, I reflect on my life and decide what changes, if any, I want to make emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, mentally and physically. Like all humans, I am a creature of habit and while driven, have difficulty incorporating new changes into my routine. One of my biggest challenges is when I can't SEE my progress. I found a trick that helps that I thought I would share ... As the saying goes, "life by the yard is hard, but life by the inch is a cinch." Likewise, I find if I break my end goal down to smaller milestones that ultimately yield the same result, I am much more likely to successfully make the change! So for example, one o

How Will The World Feel When You Die?

This Week's Simple Tip In the end, how successful you were no longer matters. What makes a difference is the effect you had on others. The easiest way to do this is by sharing your gifts/talents with others throughout your life. There is no denying it ... we all have many :) They are those things that come naturally to us. They can take the form of being good with numbers, easily expressing gratitude and compassion, being creative or athletic, a wonderful communicator, etc. If you love to play the guitar or to cook, hone your skills by playing or preparing a snack at a senior center or for some event. Or encourage an aspiring artist with a thank you note for sharing their chalk-art on

Is Life Happening TO You?

This Week's Simple Tip Years ago I recall someone suggesting that we replace the greeting "have a nice day" with "make it a great day." The difference is that the latter attaches responsibility, and implies an intention. Setting an intention is like mapping out where you want to go. It becomes a guidepost for every choice and decision that comes along the way. One of my intentions is to do my part to make the whole world smile. I have a reminder of this hanging in my bedroom that says WAKE UP SMILING. If I smile, I can help the whole world smile :) Intentions are powerful. Self-development expert Wayne Dyer believed that "Our intention creates our reality." They shape your mindset. Ea

You're Not Acting Your Age Are You?

This Week's Simple Tip It is the season of my birthday so it seems only appropriate to write about age. While I am thrilled to be healthy and comfortable, I don't have quite the same enthusiasm as my grand-nephew who said on his birthday "yesterday I was four, and today I am five!" Society in the U.S. has a tendency to make people feel invisible as they age. But have you ever noticed that not ALL aging people are treated as 'old?' We are as old as we project ourselves to be. It was best summarized by a minister at a memorial service I attended years back. He said "unlike those grumpy, boring old people no one wants to be around, Becky was a delight to be with up until her very last day." We

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