Did You Know That Music Helps Us In Many Ways?

This Week's Simple Tip I recently had the pleasure of taking care of my 7-month-old grand-daughter for a few days. It was amazing to watch how much she enjoyed music! It didn't matter if I was playing rock-and-roll, easy listening, jazz, spa or classical. She seemed to love it all (even my singing), and kept perfect rhythm with various body parts, depending on how the tempo changed: Kicking her feet with fun to rock-and-roll Tapping her hand and "singing" to easy listening melodies Clicking her mouth like an instrument to jazz Sleeping soundly soothed by spa and classical music It got me thinking about why this was, and whether this connection with music carries with us over the years. What

Form, Storm or Norm?

This Week's Simple Tip Knowing that there is a normal progression of developmental stages that people go through when they come together as a group really does make some of the growing pains easier to accept. This progression occurs whether the people are work colleagues, on a sports team, friends, etc. If even holds true with families as they evolve. I have been experiencing this first-hand over the past few years as our family has grown to include two daughter-in-laws, two new grand-babies, and two grand-dogs. When groups originate and/or change, they typically go through four developmental stages: Form, Storm, Norm and Perform. The "honeymoon" begins at the Form stage, until people in

Who Will Show Up At Your Memorial Service?

This Week's Simple Tip I love to start my week off watching CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley. An especially touching feature this week is the story about the passing of a man named Dennis Valstad of Ripon, Wisconsin. The former owner of the local dry cleaning business, David was a loner who thought few people cared enough to come to pay their respects when he died. Dennis couldn't have been more wrong; 270 people showed their respect because of the endless kindness he showed throughout his life. Watch this short clip to see the gift each person received for attending. Too bad Dennis felt so alone and unloved while he was alive. :( Do you know anyone who might feel the same way? This W

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