How Many Of These Paradoxes Apply To You?

This Week's Simple Tip I was in a neat store over the weekend in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The hanging below caught my eye. Wow, it kind of says it all! I chose to share it with you in this last newsletter of 2019 because I believe it is something we might all benefit from pondering on as we head in to a new year. "These are times of fast foods but slow digestion" is going to be an area of finding more balance for me. It's not that I eat fast foods, but I do eat food fast! On a recent trip to Italy it struck me how much the people prioritized their leisurely meals for not only the food, but time with people. I want to do more of that in 2020! This Week's Focus During the remainder of the year

Is Your Heart Really In It?

This Week's Simple Tip I did something yesterday that was very difficult for me to do; I took the initiative to end something that my heart was not into doing anymore. For 15+ years, I have hosted a ladies holiday dinner for about 20 women who I knew primarily through my corporate career. The genesis of these annual gatherings was to have an opportunity to let loose together outside of the corporate walls. While many of us have been out of that environment for several years, I continued the tradition because everyone seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to get together. So yesterday I sent out the invitation for the upcoming final gathering. While I hated to break the tradition,

Do You Have A Smile You Can Share?

This Week's Simple Tip We have entered the holiday season which tends to bring out stress and sadness for many people. Just take note of how many emotionless or frowning faces you see. What a wonderful opportunity for us all to shine some light in the world! Dolly Parton once wrote: "If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours.” As stressed or sad as they may be, most people will smile back if you give them one of your smiles. While it may take more muscles to smile (11 to frown vs. 12 to smile), smiles are contagious, take less energy to produce, and are endless in supply! So let's brighten this holiday season by spreading smiles. This Week's Focus This week, change someo

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