Do Your Worries Become Reality?

This Week's Simple Tip: Want a full-proof and time-saving way to handle situations in life? Most of us can probably relate to Mark Twain's quote as we spend lots of time worrying about all the things that COULD happen that never come to fruition. Turn "mindless worrying" into "mindful planning" by choosing one of three options for handling each situation: 1) Change the situation if possible 2) Leave the situation 3) Accept the situation Does it sound familiar? It's a way of putting The Serenity Prayer into action for everyday life. Worrying is no longer warranted as you have a plan for handling each situation instead. This Week's Focus: This week, make an effort to act on or accept

You Do Love Yourself, Right?

This Week's Simple Tip Have you ever wondered why we make such a big fuss over kids' birthdays every year, and don't do the same for ourselves? Kids aren't the only ones who like a chance to play, have fun and be happy. Too bad we do so much less of it when we "grow up." Unfortunately, we often put conditions on our love with not loving ourselves until we lose the weight, get the job, get the new car, get the hot guy or girl, etc. We do marvel at the passing of our own years, right? And we feel blessed to be alive, right? So why don't we celebrate ourselves? We do love ourselves, right? Many of us were brought up to feel that loving ourselves is selfish. In reality, being able to love yo

Want Abundance And Positivity In Your Life?

This Week's Simple Tip Resolutions for the new year are a given for many people. But interestingly, almost 80% of people fail to keep their resolutions. You know why? We set too many with unrealistic goals, and try doing them all at once, hoping our emotions will keep us motivated to succeed. What if we focused on just one habit that creates the most change instead? Many highly successful people use the technique of "positive affirmations" to do this, leveraging the power of our subconscious mind to attract abundance and positivity. (Law of Attraction Theory) An affirmation is a statement of truth that you want to exist in your life that you either say to yourself or write repeatedly. Fo

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