Guess Who Might Be Laughing At You!

This Week's Simple Tip: We all know that death and taxes are inevitable. But there are other experiences we can also be sure will happen: Unexpected Changes, both good and bad. While we inherently know that setbacks and tragedies, as well as pleasures and successes, are part of life's ebbs and flows, we still have a tendency to respond emotionally. But such responses are futile. In fact there is even an old Yiddish adage “Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht” which means “Man Plans, and God Laughs.” Despite our most careful planning, life is unpredictable. Given my schedule this week, I really needed to write my weekly newsletter on a particular day. Little did I expect to be without electricit

Have You Reached "Enoughable?"

This Week's Simple Tip: The English language is filled with words that have contradictory meanings, depending on their context. For example: 1) Custom: A common practice or a specifically made item; 2) Finished: Completed or destroyed; and 3) Consult:To give advice or to get advice. The word "weak" is another tricky one. People can be referred to as "weak," because of the things they do or the decisions they make. But often perceived weaknesses have nothing to do with our personal choices. Take for instance letting things go and giving up. It really takes a great deal of strength to let go of things. Given the non-stop pace of life anymore, perhaps we could all benefit if we looked at g

Have You Learned This Untaught Life Skill?

This Week's Simple Tip: My husband and I often talk about the required life skills that are not taught in school but hopefully are acquired either at home or through community activities. Budgeting and manners are two that readily come to mind. I recently listened to an interview with Scarlett Lewis who lost her 6-year-old son Jesse in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting of 2012. She is convinced that the inability of many people to manage their emotions and connect with others is another one of those untaught life skills. In the weeks after her son’s murder, Scarlett started the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, an organization that brings curricula into schools to teach what’s called soci

Do You Know How To Use Your Mental Pause Button?

This Week's Simple Tip: Have you ever noticed that there are some people who really energize you, and others that completely drain you? We all experience this. But have you ever noticed what happens to you afterwards? When we spend time with someone who is always agitated, we too feel anxious after being with them. Likewise, if are with positive people, we leave them feeling upbeat as well. It is a proven fact that we participate in the mental states of the people with whom we associate. Bottom-line, the people we spend the most time with add up to who we become. Every now and then, it makes sense to reflect on the people around you. Make two lists: 1) "People Who Energize Me" and 2) "Peop

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