Have You Ever Been Wronged By Someone?

This Week's Simple Tip: I was talking at lunch today with someone who shared a story about a person saying something to her that really was hurtful. She described it as one of those things "that most people would never say to another person." I could completely understand how she felt having experienced something similar in the past. We then talked about the importance of forgiveness to help transform hurt into healing and peace. Many people choose not to forgive because they look at it as letting someone off the hook for a wrongdoing. Interestingly, it is really more to set yourself free so that you can move forward in your own life. I shared with her a loving kindness exercise I do

Are You A Good Friend?

This Week's Simple Tip: I am often surprised when people say to me "you are so good about remembering everyone's birthdays" or "you really make the effort to keep in touch." Isn't caring and checking-in what being friends is all about? Friendships are an essential ingredient in a happy and healthier life. In fact while we think of work and family in balancing one's life, there is lots of research to support the fact that in a truly balanced life, work, family, love, self-care and friends are all equally important. While friends are likely to be less demanding of our time than family members and bosses, we still need to give them the care and attention they deserve, with the nurturing

Does This Scare You?

This Week's Simple Tip: As we all know, the unknown can be a scary place! And unless we live under rocks, there are going to be unknowns regularly in life. I am in a scary place myself right now. While writing these weekly newsletters no longer scares me unless we have technical glitches, my pursuit for 2020 is scary. Because the bulk of my subscribers and books sold have originated from speaking engagements, I will be pursuing more public speaking opportunities in order to expand my reach to teach more people coping strategies for life's challenges. The actual act of speaking is not what scares me, it's figuring out the way to make it happen that does. By the way, if you belong to

Would You Bet Your Life On This?

This Week's Simple Tip: Have you ever noticed how quickly we are to jump to conclusions rather than to just observe and/or even ask questions for clarification? I've become very sensitized to this lately having personally witnessed a couple of incidents within a week's time. The first situation involved an assumption that a person must be "doing pretty well for herself" given the look of her house only to find out she rents a room there. The second situation involved multiple rumors I overheard that were completely false about someone I know personally. Why not be curious and ask for facts rather than to judge on perception? By not doing so, we run the risk of being totally off base by

How Different Are You Really?

This Week's Simple Tip: Once in blue moon you see a movie that has a huge impact on you. That was what "Same Kind of Different As Me" did this weekend to me! Based on a true story and NYT bestselling book, the story is a powerful reminder that no matter how deep differences may be between us, just a bit of compassion may help us to see others' dignity. I don't know how many times my mother reminded us that "you can't judge a book by its cover!" The film is about an unlikely friendship that evolves between three people, one a homeless man who in a powerful line reflects: I found out everybody’s different – the same kind of different as me. We’re all just regular folks walking down th

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