Have You Ever Heard A Contagious Laugh?

This Week's Simple Tip: We all know how contagious a good laugh is. You don't even have to know what the people are laughing about;  just the sound can make you smile and chuckle. Guess what else is just as contagious ... KINDNESS!!! We are seeing LOTS of kindness during this pandemic time. Why is that? When people have something in common, they tend to form a bond, and with a bond comes a certain trust and kindness. You see this often:  with sports teams and their fans, with citizens and firemen after 9/11 and frontline workers now, volunteer groups, with alumni groups, etc. What has bonded us now is the common struggle to find our way through uncharted grounds. Will we sustain thi

Are They Really Working Against You?

This Week's Simple Tip: I really don't believe that people wake up in the morning thinking "who can I treat poorly" today. Do you remember the I-85 bridge fire in downtown Atlanta that crippled the city for months? Did someone seriously believe the homeless person accused of starting the fire really woke up thinking "I'm taking down this bridge today so I can inconvenience all these commuters for months?" On a much lesser scale, I was talking to someone today who was complaining that the school principal consistently schedules 8AM mandatory staff meetings. She went on to say how mean and unnecessary it is, because during this online training time, the meeting could be held ANY time durin

Have You Lost Your Ability To Differentiate?

This Week's Simple Tip: It's funny how some things stand out so clearly in your mind. I can recall a dinner discussion when one of my sons, around 8 years old at the time, picked up on a conversation at the table and said "we really only have very few needs." Talk about a wake-up call to how many times we say "I need this, or I need that!" I think one of the most valuable lessons we can learn through this pandemic is what is truly a want versus a need. With my graying hair and broken dishwasher, I have learned these are much appreciated "luxuries." Yes, the dishwasher saves me time and sanitizes the tableware, but when forced to live without it, I can easily survive. I am not suggesting

Can You Believe It?

This Week's Simple Tip: Some friends and I were talking about what we missed most during this time of social distancing. My answer: HUGS!! Hugs are good almost any time: when we’re excited, happy, sad, or trying to comfort. They not only make us feel good, but it turns out that hugging is proven to make us healthier and happier as well. Check out why here. But unfortunately we need to be hug-deprived right now :( Do you remember the song Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds ? "A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing” stand out in the lyrics. You might really enjoy listening to this oldie but goodie and see how relevant it is today. The words of the song are actually from

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