How To Be Kind And Enjoy A Good Laugh

This Week's Simple Tip: Once in a blue moon I come across something so well done that I know I couldn't write anything better myself. This was one of those weeks! Not only was it inspirational, but it made me laugh which is something we all need more of right now. Instead of rewriting, I am just going to share this Rob O'Hara Facebook post with you :)  I don't know him but love his character!! THE INSPIRATION "I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I am 83 years old and I was in the McDonald’s drive-through this morning and the young lady behind me leaned on her horn and started mouthing something because I was taking too long to place my order. So when I got to the first window I

Do You Know This Has Made You Amazing?

This Week's Simple Tip: Okay, if you're feeling anything like me, you had hoped that we would be enjoying our usual footloose and fancy free summer. Obviously we're not, but the situation got me to thinking ... this is really similar to other changes we have had to deal with in life! If you look back on life, we've all been on many roads. We never really know what is around each corner. At times we may have ended up in precarious situations, fearful of falling off the edge. Life is full of ups and downs, and even times of going around in circles. But you know something amazing? If you are reading this newsletter, you made it around each curve, edge, hill, valley and circle! We didn't h

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