Who Do You Care About Like This?

This Week's Simple Tip: Some of the service people who help around our house have been in our lives for MANY years. Over time, I've gotten to know some of them personally. I was mentioning to my husband recently how "nice and interesting" one of the service guys is. I went on to say that "if something ever happened to him, I'd really miss him." I regularly let my family and close friends know how much I care about them, but I don't normally share that with a casual acquaintance like a service provider I see 2-3 times per year. But then I don't feel that way about all service providers either! So ...  the next time he came to the house I told him that I really appreciate him helpi

How To Make Your Feelings Of Happiness Longer Lasting

This Week's Simple Tip: Most of us are pretty good about coping with less desirable things like getting shots or long plane rides because we know when they will end. Unfortunately this pandemic is challenging our coping capabilities because of the uncertainty of the results and when it will end. Combine that with the fact that our brains pay more attention to bad than to good, and you see the need for a quick little trick to help calm your mind and make you feel happier. What's the trick? Easy!! Appreciating happy moments!! Here's how to do it ... From now on, for each joyful moment you experience, consciously take note of it and then close your eyes and enjoy the moment so an impre

What Are Your Feelings Growing In Your Head?

This Week's Simple Tip: Each day is like a clean slate for us, allowing a fresh start. Sure, if you have run up major debt or committed severe legal acts, the temporary consequences of those actions stay with you until you clear them, but even in those situations, your mindset each day is what can make or break you. I saw this sign over the weekend that put it all in perspective ... Our thoughts are what control our perspectives and actions in life. In the sign's seed analogy, positive thinking and expectance of goodness will yield flowers, while negative thinking and belief that bad will prevail will yield weeds. This knowledge is priceless in every day living! Setting a positiv

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