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A note from Nancy:

I was one of those people wearing many hats -- wife, mother, friend, professional in corporate world, volunteer -- trying to keep all the balls I was juggling up in the air. Not only was I discouraged, but I knew this was not sustainable indefinitely. I found myself no longer "living" life, because I was too busy just 'surviving.' Even I didn't like the serious, short-tempered person I had become. Little did I know that the worst was yet to come.

Within a nine-month period, my world got turned upside down with a trifecta of personal losses. I can still clearly remember that sinking feeling of not knowing which way to turn. It was during this heart-wrenching time that I learned a valuable life lesson: our clearest choices and direction come not from doing but from listening. Not only did I get clarity and direction, but I found this approach to handling life's challenges also brought more calm to all aspects of my life on a daily basis.

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Originally from Northampton, Massachusetts, I now live in Marietta, Georgia. When I'm not writing, you can find me in the garden, entertaining, or enjoying wine and music. If you don't find me there, I am with my family and friends. If you still can't find me, I am exploring the world with my husband Lew.

I am dedicated to sharing my learnings with as many other people as possible so that they too can benefit, and enjoy more serenity and joy through clarity in life. Approaching life with intention instead of on autopilot is a choice we all have.

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What I learned was in order to have more serenity in life, I had to make a lifestyle change in three areas of my life:

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The Unchangeable

I share this simple, repeatable approach I learned the hard way in my book The Serenity Mindset. For ongoing encouragement, I share a very brief real-life tip each Monday morning in my post called Simple. Sweet. Serenity. Follow us on social for some serenity surprises!

The Serenity Mindset
Simple. Sweet. Serenity.
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