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About the Book ...

​​"The longer you live, the more challenges and difficulties you will encounter. The Serenity Mindset is a refreshingly concise demonstration of clarifying your thinking, assessing options and putting into use a practical and helpful response when facing those challenges and difficulties in living."  – JEOA

"I found the opportunity for reflection and the outcome affirming and revealing. Now that I have completed the assessment of the relationships in my life, I feel like I've learned something about what I value in relationships and was surprised by where some of my friends ended up in the rings of friendship." - CMS

​​"This is a different than an average 'self-help' book. What makes it stand out and stand above is that it is not just the author's own story, it is backed up with research studies. And, the actual tools are included; to make the changes necessary to create richer relationships and a more fulfilling life."  – TM

About the Newsletter ...

"I LOVE your newsletter! The message is uplifting, the links are fantastic, and the format is easy-to-read, engaging and soothing." – JR

The weekly newsletters remind me to hit the brakes for a few minutes each Monday, and reflect on an important life lesson for the week. Thanks!" – KOB


"Love getting your serenity emails...keep them coming!!!  They jump-start my week." - MK

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