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Reduce Stress - Accept Change In Life Is Constant

This Week's Simple Tip

There are some things we count on in life, one of which is the sun rising and setting every day. Some days those events are more visible and beautiful, but they consistently happen at about the same time every day of every year. And in between those two points each day, lots of things happen in each of our lives. Some of them are expected while others are not; some are good and others not as good. Some of the happenings trigger change and the need to let go of the life we were used to or envisioned, which enables us to embrace the new life waiting for us. Change in life is continuous so we benefit by accepting the 'in between.' We don't always know where it will lead to, but we do know that we will always feel comforted by the consistency of the sunrise and sunset marking the beginning and end of life's daily pattern.


This Week's Focus

This week, rather than become frustrated, upset or disappointed that something 'in between' did not go as you had planned, accept it as part of life's bigger plan and adjust around it. You'll likely be grateful down the road for the change in direction.

Click on the serenity sticky to print, cut and post on your bathroom mirror to remind you of this week’s focus. Good luck!


Little Serenity Tidbits

1. The sunrise and sunset are like the bookends to our 'in between,' our daily lives. They are like a great, FREE movie to watch. Click on the photo below to use the "Sunrise and Sunset Calculator" - Don't miss it!

2. We all go through transitions in our lives - that is what living is all about. There will always be times when we need help from others. Don't be afraid to reach out for help because someday you will be on the other end returning the favor to them or someone else.

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