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The Secret To Happiness In One Word

This Week's Simple Tip

Study after study shows that the #1 thing people want more out of life is "happiness." Sadly, they either don't know what will make them happy, or they search outside themselves for happiness. Both of these only result in continued longing. While we stay busy with to do lists, distractions, meetings, etc., many of us have lost sight of our dream(s); what really matters to us. These are the things we want to do, experiences we want to achieve, and who we want to become. Life and business strategist Tony Robbins, says the simple secret to happiness is progress; taking consistent, positive steps towards things that matter to us. Through the pursuit of the end goal, we feel alive because we are growing, and knowing we will have something to give once we reach our goal. Our brains are designed for this progressive growth. This is why it is important for us to challenge them (see this week's video for simple tips). Without continuous fueling, we end up with that sense of just being, and longing for more "happiness."


This Week's Focus

This week, take some reflective time to step back and remind yourself of what your dreams really are. Once you have the answer(s), start taking intentional steps that lead you to attaining those dreams, and notice how much happier you feel.

Click on the serenity sticky to print, cut and post on your bathroom mirror to remind you of this week's focus. Good luck!


A Little Helpful Hint

Experts used to think that you were born with a certain amount of brain cells, and that since you naturally lose brain cells as you age, after age 25 it was all downhill for your brain function. The good news is that scientists have now discovered that you can grow new brain cells throughout your entire life. Find out how in this two and a half minute clip.

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