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Little Known Instant Antidote For A Bad Mood

This Week's Simple Tip

We still laugh about the morning many years ago that I awoke very angry with my husband because of his role in the very realistic dream I had during the night. Fortunately for us, that was a one-off occurrence. :) But think about it: we each awake with the option on how we set the tone for the day. Yes, things continuously happen throughout the day that may potentially lead to anger, fear or other emotions. Amazing, each of us has a "magic tool" to combat negative feelings throughout the day. It is a fact that gratitude is the instant antidote for a bad mood; you literally cannot feel grumpy and grateful at the same time. So how do we put the "magic tool" into action? Renowned life coach Tony Robbins practices a quick daily routine to keep him in a constant state of gratefulness that he shares in the short video below. You can also try this quick trick the next time you need to go from feeling icky to inspired:

1. Close your eyes. 2. Think of three people or things you are genuinely grateful for. It might be someone special in your life, the car started, morning coffee, your kids' health, that it's not raining doesn't matter whether it's big or small—it all counts. 3. Open your eyes.

You'll be surprised how it changes your perspective on things - it is that easy!


This Week's Focus

This week, own your emotions throughout the day. MAKE every day a good day by practicing gratitude to offset any negative attitudes.

Click on the serenity sticky to print, cut and post on your bathroom mirror to remind you of this week's focus. Good luck!


A Little Helpful Hint

Tony Robbins does not believe in sitting back and waiting for great feelings. Instead, he embraces a quick, daily routine for positivity and gratitude that he shares with Oprah Winfrey in this short clip.

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