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Did It Open Your Eyes?

Have you ever noticed that the things that break your heart can give you clarity? The things that break your heart have a tendency to open up your eyes, and give you a new perspective on life, on people, on heartbreak and healing.

Whether we like it or not, heartbreaks make us see things for what they really are, not how we want to see them. They show the whole truth which is often freeing.

We never run out of the things that break your heart ... they are ongoing. People change, friends leave, we lose loved ones, and life surprises us with tragedies. In the end, the only thing that makes a difference is how we respond to all of it. We can look at heartbreaks as either blessings or curses. It is up to us to choose if we let them enlighten us or break us.


This Week's Focus:

This week, look for the light in your troubling times, instead of letting them break you.

Click on the serenity sticky to print, cut and post on your bathroom mirror to remind you of this week's focus. Good luck!

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