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How To Be Kind And Enjoy A Good Laugh

This Week's Simple Tip:

Once in a blue moon I come across something so well done that I know I couldn't write anything better myself. This was one of those weeks! Not only was it inspirational, but it made me laugh which is something we all need more of right now. Instead of rewriting, I am just going to share this Rob O'Hara Facebook post with you :)  I don't know him but love his character!!


"I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I am 83 years old and I was in the McDonald’s drive-through this morning and the young lady behind me leaned on her horn and started mouthing something because I was taking too long to place my order. So when I got to the first window I paid for her order along with my own. The cashier must have told her what I'd done, because as we moved up she leaned out her window and waved to me and mouthed "Thank you.", obviously embarrassed that I had repaid her rudeness with kindness."


"When I got to the second window I showed them both receipts and took her food too. Now she has to go back to the end of the queue and start all over again. Don't blow your horn at old people, they have been around a long time!  


This Week's Focus:

This week, when you get an opportunity to respond to someone who does or says something rude, do what Rob O'Hara did -- respond to their rudeness with kindness. You need not take the latter step to reverse the kindness.  LOL

Click on the serenity sticky to print, cut and post on your bathroom mirror to remind you of this week's focus.  Good luck!

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