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What Makes You In Awe?

"AWE" is described as an emotion variously combining dread, respect and / or wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred. Whether it’s the immensity of the Grand Canyon or the beauty of an intricate spider’s web, feeling awestruck is good for you.

Research suggests that regularly feeling wonder can have a range of benefits for our physical and mental well-being as well as increasing our compassion, generosity and critical thinking ability.

Recently in Hilton Head I was awestruck by this rainbow in a cloud ...

I stopped in my path in amazement, and pointed out the wondrous venue to everyone around me. I had never seen anything like it in my lifetime, and it stays in my mind's eye a week later. Given research suggests feeling the wonder of awe is good for us, how can we get more in our lives?

  • Getting out in nature and noticing, or watching nature shows

  • Seeking out new music

  • Watching someone do something you find remarkable.

  • Trying to understanding a new concept

  • Taking "awe walks" and noticing things you would normally miss

When you feel awe, resist the temptation to move on to the next thing. If we practice recognizing what it’s like to really revel in awe, we may open ourselves to feeling it more in our day-to-day lives. What makes you in AWE?


This Week's Focus:

This week, take an "awe walk" around your place of residence. Observe details you wouldn’t normally notice: plants pushing through concrete or fences, the textures of a wooden bench, the structural patterns of buildings, ETC. Click on the serenity sticky to print, cut and post on your bathroom mirror to remind you of this week's focus. Good luck!

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