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Speaking Engagements

The most effective way to get motivated to live your life with intention instead of on autopilot is by hearing from Nancy directly. She loves to share her compelling story and to encourage audiences through a variety of formats:

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30 minute

A short (30 minute) presentation to your group or organization on a simple approach to live their lives with intention instead of on autopilot, so they have more time for what makes them truly happy.

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90 minute

A workshop (90 minutes) in which participants actually practice the techniques for living life with intention instead of on autopilot. In this setting, Nancy takes the attendees step-by-step through her serenity mindset approach which leads to more time in life for what makes you truly happy.

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one on one

One-on-one coaching in person or via Zoom is also available for those who want personalized assistance or are unable to or prefer not to travel.

Popular Speaking Topics

  • Stop Living on AutoPilot

  • LOVE Your Life!

  • Live a Life that Matters

  • Finding Sanity thru Serenity

  • Serenity Through Intention


Upcoming Events

Most of Nancy's speaking engagements are to private groups and organizations. As public workshops are scheduled, the dates will be posted here.

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